Stag City is a anthropomorphic roleplay that takes place in a private map on the game FeralHeart. Somehow, your character found his or her way into the city of sin. Before you know it, you realize you're stuck here... What path will your character take?
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 The Syndicate's Order

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PostSubject: The Syndicate's Order   Sat Oct 03, 2015 7:02 am

Like any other renowned faction, the Syndicate has rules. Every member is expected to follow them, along with the roleplay's rules. These orders are in place for IC purposes.

Note: There are many first person references within these rules. We are referencing to your character's point of view, not the writer's.

1. Serve your faction faithfully.

Traitors and spies will not be tolerated. Once you lose your commitment to the faction, you will be dealt with. If your character decides to turn on the Syndicate, they'll be lucky if they still have their fingers to crawl out of the nearest alley with.

2. The poor and the weak are off-limits.

One of the strongest codes that the Syndicate has ever followed was to aid those who cannot aid themselves. You may not harm those that rest underneath the Syndicate's shadow. If you see a beggar(NPC encounters are allowed) seeking the Syndicate's protection, you are expected to be friendly and willing to help. If you see a woman or a child(NPC encounters are allowed) being harassed or harmed by another character within Syndicate controlled areas, you are expected to lend a hand and stop the act.

3. Your Syndicate life and your personal life are to be kept separate.

If your character has a family within the city, or maybe even a love interest that is involved in a different faction, you may not disclose any information about the Syndicate to them. The faction works hard to maintain security measures, but we cannot allow an infiltration or a snitch to ruin what we have created for Stag City.

4. Do not ignore your fellow brothers and sisters in arms.

If you see another Syndicate member requiring assistance, if they ask you to help out, please do so. We are a family. We've all done bad things. And at the end of the day, all we have is each other. Such is the Syndicate's code, such will always be the code.

More Syndicate rules may be added in the future. For now, this should serve you well during roleplay. Any questions? Feel free to ask Dexter.
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The Syndicate's Order
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