Stag City is a anthropomorphic roleplay that takes place in a private map on the game FeralHeart. Somehow, your character found his or her way into the city of sin. Before you know it, you realize you're stuck here... What path will your character take?
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 What Is A Major Faction?

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PostSubject: What Is A Major Faction?   Fri Oct 02, 2015 12:21 pm

A major faction is a collection/group of characters/people that live in the city. Unlike the minor factions, they are recognized and well-known, with many belonging to their ranks.

Below is a list of questions(and the answers to said questions) that you may find yourself asking.

1.  How many major factions are allowed?

A: Only two major factions are allowed in the roleplay. Due to the Syndicate's presence, there can only be one more. We here at Stag City have decided to enforce this law to reduce faction conflict. After all, if we had too many people wanting to rule their own part of the city, there would be too much havoc to enjoy the best of what this roleplay has to offer.

2. Can I make my own major faction?

A: No, nobody is allowed to make their own major faction without consulting with the founder of the roleplay(TheMoosen; Dexter in-game). 

3. How would I be able to make my own major faction?

A: To make a major faction, you must have proven to the staff and founder of the roleplay that you are active enough to create a major faction. You must also specify what kind of faction you are and have a personal plot(Are you good, are you bad, etc). Major factions require more work(and recruiting!) For those who want their own faction but do not want to dedicate as much work or time into such things, we here at Stag City recommend making a minor faction instead. However, do not mistake this for an excuse to become inactive. Everyone, even those who do not belong to a specific faction, are expected to be as active as possible.

We hope this might clear up any questions or thoughts you had regarding major factions. If you have any unanswered questions/concerns, please whisper TheMoosen in-game or message me here on the forums. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. 
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What Is A Major Faction?
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