Stag City is a anthropomorphic roleplay that takes place in a private map on the game FeralHeart. Somehow, your character found his or her way into the city of sin. Before you know it, you realize you're stuck here... What path will your character take?
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 The Hierarchy

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PostSubject: The Hierarchy   Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:16 am

The Boss

The boss is the leader of the syndicate. He handles the more sophisticated business in Stag City; such as funds and alliances. His word is absolute law within the faction. The Boss is not chosen at random. Instead, the current syndicate leader will periodically choose whoever he sees fit to run the Syndicate in the event he can no longer serve the faction. It is noted that only men serve in this position. A character must be over eighteen years of age to be considered.

The Council

The council position is made up of
the Boss's closest friends. There can
only be a maximum of two
that hold council status.

"L'amante" means "The Lover" in Italian. This
position is reserved strictly for the Boss's

significant other, if he ever has one. It is
a purely optional choice to take the title.


Runners are individuals that have
been selected and given a chore
to preform for the faction.
This can vary from getting
groceries for the headquarters
or infiltrating a new faction
in town. Once the chore
is completed, they may resume
their everyday lifestyle.

Please keep in mind that, if the need arises, new ranks may be established. However, for now, these are the only noteworthy parts of the Syndicate's hierarchy. Whether you be a thief or a peddler, you belong to the Syndicate, and each serve their own purpose, even if it seems otherwise.

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The Hierarchy
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