Stag City is a anthropomorphic roleplay that takes place in a private map on the game FeralHeart. Somehow, your character found his or her way into the city of sin. Before you know it, you realize you're stuck here... What path will your character take?
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PostSubject: Dexter Morte   Sat Oct 03, 2015 7:38 am

{{ < :: D e x t e r  M o r t e :: > }}

Dexter is the current leader of the Syndicate. He's friendly, fun, and a very serious negotiator. He also hates attending Syndicate meetings.

Dexter became the leader of the Syndicate at age nineteen, and has never looked back.

Dexter's love life is very empty and lonesome. He has very little time to search for a partner, therefore rendering him alone.

Dexter is bisexual. He is very sure of his sexuality and has no problems sharing it with others, should they inquire about it. Though, he does have preferences. For one night stands, he prefers women, but for long-term, committed relationships, he prefers men. So unless your character is a really special(and attractive) lady, don't expect any romantic attention from Dexter.

The Syndicate leader likes men who are well-groomed and taller than him. A rare find, considering he stands at a lean 6'1 himself.

Despite his display of strong leadership skills and firm orders here and there, Dexter is actually quite the softy in the arms of his partner. He is a hopeless romantic, and loves to be held and loved. He is a very physical person, and prefers to play the submissive role with a man who knows what he wants and is fine with being the more masculine, dominant one of the relationship. This is also another reason why he prefers men over women.

Dexter has mastered the art of analyzing others. If you plan on being unfaithful or discarding him after a few dates and a steamy night or two, he will surely unearth your true intentions and will likely never speak to you again, or at the very least, avoid you as much as he can.

Dexter is quite shy towards potential lovers, and is almost never the first to initiate any type of romance until he's comfortable around you.

Of course, being this picky has it's downsides. Dexter is in no rush to find a significant other. Instead, he believes that when the right person comes along, he'll know, and the timing will be right.

This was not mentioned above, but Dexter has no interest in humans whatsoever. Regardless of whether they are male or female, he will not develop anything with them past a standard friendship.

Though Dexter has nothing against most children, he hates brats and definitely isn't interested in becoming a father anytime soon.

Dexter was born to a wealthy couple. His father, Austin King, was a successful businessman, and his mother, Lorna King, worked as a secretary at one of the major corporations in the city. While they loved their son, Dexter was mainly left to his own thoughts. To make matters worse, his parents insisted that he be privately schooled and tutored, leaving him without friends or any kind of socialization with other children. This made Dexter shy and somewhat awkward around others for years to come, until he eventually overcame his issues after joining the Syndicate.

Dexter finished high school and, with little thought of the future, announced to his parents that he would not be attending college. Of course, they became very hostile towards their son's decision, and it was not long after that Dexter decided it would be best if he left home.

He forever remembers the rage on his father's face, and the tear stains underneath his mother's eyes. He has since came to terms with how the situation ended, and had attempted to keep tabs on his parents before they retired and moved out of the city.

So there Dexter was, age seventeen, with nowhere to go. For the first time in his life, he was sleeping on a filthy alleyway floor, with only the rats to keep him company. But the boy was used to being alone, and grew accustomed to the lifestyle quickly.

Try as he might, he could not find a stable job. To survive, he began to do petty crimes, having more than a few run-ins with the city's security.

At this point, he was slowly ruining his future as his record continued to grow with his wrongdoings.

But all of this would change, when Dexter was approached by a Jackal one morning while he was eating a sandwich in his alley. The man was dressed in a fancy suit, with clean fur, and carried the aroma of expensive cologne. He proved to be very persuasive, and soon, the two were having breakfast in a nearby diner.

Dexter was terrified when the Jackal introduced himself as Talon, the leader of the Syndicate. After much reassurance from the man, Dexter decided to stay, and listen to his offer.

Talon suggested to Dexter that he join the Syndicate. After some consideration, the husky agreed, and he was officially a part of one of the most feared faction's within Stag City.

Dexter served the Syndicate loyally for two years as faithful thug. He always preformed his runner jobs without fail, never allowing emotion to interrupt his orders. His devotion did not go unnoticed.

As it would seem, Talon suffered from a terminal illness. He had only a few more weeks to live, despite years of treatment. His time was up. It was Dexter's nineteenth birthday when Talon offered the husky the leadership title.

Dexter was scared. He had never led anything in his life. But he knew that Talon was wise, and would not have chosen just anybody. Dexter, after sleeping on it, accepted the offer, and a day after his birthday, officially became the boss of the Stag City faction.

Talon passed peacefully in his chambers a week later. Many had come to terms with his death, but knew he did not die unhappy.

Dexter has since ruled the Syndicate without fault. He likes to say that he is married to the faction, and that he can hear the city's heartbeat. Maybe the city really is alive, or maybe it's just the weed talking.

Never the less, Dexter plans to continue serving the Syndicate, until his time is up, just like all others before  him.
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