Stag City is a anthropomorphic roleplay that takes place in a private map on the game FeralHeart. Somehow, your character found his or her way into the city of sin. Before you know it, you realize you're stuck here... What path will your character take?
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 What Is A Minor Faction?

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PostSubject: What Is A Minor Faction?   Fri Oct 02, 2015 12:38 pm

You might have heard of a major and minor faction mentioned in Stag City. What exactly is a 'minor faction'?

Below, I've compiled some questions(and the answers) to give everyone a better understanding of what a minor faction is.

1. What is a minor faction?

A: A minor faction is a small handful of characters/people that have decided to band together for some reason, whether it be a petty gang or an elaborate attempt for survival. Life is hard on the streets, and even the independent must rely on another at some point to make it through the night.

2. How big are they?

A: Minor factions are only allowed to have up to 5 characters/people, max. If we find out there are any more than 5, there will be repercussions. They are not official, and a group is not required to be made for them to be recognized in roleplay. 

3. Do they get any special benefits like major factions do?

A: No. Minor factions do not have a hideout/base/etc. They may frequent an area, just to hang out, but they do not have a specific territory within or around the city.

4. Can anyone make/join a minor faction?

A: While minor factions are fairly simple and very much allowed, there are, of course, rules. If your character is already in a major faction or a minor faction, you may not join a second faction. To make a minor faction, you must have been active for 3 total days. From there, you may request permission to create your minor faction. The staff at Stag City will then evaluate your request. If you are active, literate and have basic decency OOC and IC, there should be no reason that the staff thinks you shouldn't create a minor faction.

5. Can minor factions have faction wars?

A: Well, of course! So long as you keep things realistic and creative, you may interact with another faction any way you see fit.

I hope this clears things up, and answers any questions that you had. As always, please whisper TheMoosen or message me on the forum with any unanswered questions and I'll be happy to help you out.

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What Is A Minor Faction?
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