Stag City is a anthropomorphic roleplay that takes place in a private map on the game FeralHeart. Somehow, your character found his or her way into the city of sin. Before you know it, you realize you're stuck here... What path will your character take?
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 Welcome To Stag City!

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PostSubject: Welcome To Stag City!   Tue Sep 29, 2015 2:39 am

Welcome to Stag City! We hope you enjoy your stay. After all, it's unlikely you'll be leaving anytime soon.. Hehe.

Now you may be wondering; what is this roleplay exactly?

Well, read on!

Firstly, Stag City is anthropomorphic. This means your character has human characteristics. It walks on two legs, talks, wears clothes, that sort of thing. You can be whatever animal you want, as long as it doesn't clash with the roleplay. To clarify what we mean, here are some examples:

 What we accept:

Your character is an anthropomorphic wolf born from a regular family. Left home at a young age, stumbled upon Stag City and made his/her home there. Works as a secretary at a local business.

What we do not accept

Your character is a T-rex(or any other dinosaur/crazy weird thing for that matter) that runs around eating people and buildings.

We here at Stag City think that requesting your character be socially acceptable by today's standards and the roleplay's standards isn't a very preposterous request.

However, hybrids ARE accepted! So for all those lion/wolf/fox hybrids out there, put your worries aside. Just keep your character balanced and overall normal.

And, of course, we do accept humans. However, before you join as a human, please speak with the leader of the faction you are trying to join first, as they may have more detailed requirements if you're going to be a human instead of an anthro.

We hope that answers some of your basic questions about what we accept within the roleplay. You may also be thinking, "What is expected of me when I roleplay?" Or something along those lines. Well, continue reading, my friend, and you will find the answer you seek!

Stag City is as realistic as any other anthropomorphic group would be. We do not allow powers of any kind and your character is not invincible. Of course, certain faction members may wear equipment(bulletproof vests and such) that give them an advantage, but even so, they can still get wounded just like everybody else.

We are also literate. This means, please use correct grammar and spelling during roleplay. Everybody slips up and makes mistakes, but as long as you're actually trying, nobody should be too bothered. In OOC chat(such as group discussions) text talk is allowed.

Please, please, PLEASE be active! We cannot keep this roleplay alive without your full cooperation and support. A roleplay simply cannot be a roleplay without the roleplayers! If you're going to be absent, let your faction leader know or post it here on the forums.

We hope that answers most of your questions! For more information, please go to TheMoosen(Dexter in-game). Otherwise, everything else you might be wondering about should be found throughout the forum! 

We hope you enjoy your stay here in the city of sin. Don't forget to take the brochure on the way out, or else you might get lost!
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Welcome To Stag City!
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